About Us

Our story

Savely Healthcare Architects™, founded in 2013, provides specialized architectural services focused solely on healthcare and its environments. We focus exclusively on creating spaces that promote healing, wellness, and functionality within the healthcare industry.
At Savely Healthcare Architects™, we understand the profound impact that the built environment has on patient outcomes, staff well-being, and overall healthcare experiences. Our team of talented architects and designers are passionate about creating exceptional healthcare environments that blend aesthetic appeal, evidence-based design principles, and the latest technological advancements.

We Care

Our entire team profoundly cares about the difference that thoughtful architecture, planning, and design have on the environments for health and wellness. We also bring a high level of service and quality deliverables for a competitive fee. We partner with our clients to deliver innovative solutions, develop healthy, healing surroundings that appeal to the patient’s comfort level while in a medical facility.

experience, integrity + trust

Our success is based on being people-centric and our team members’ combination of strengths and experience. Each team member has an extensive background in healthcare design. Combined, our team has over 170 years of experience in healthcare design, including acute care, ambulatory, and outpatient facilities, for numerous healthcare campuses throughout California and the Pacific Northwest.

trusted advisors

We listen to our staff, clients, stakeholders, and the project team. We maintain an open and honest dialogue, looking out for our client’s best interests and saving them time and money. We believe constant communication and our experience and knowledge are critical factors in delivering successful projects.

Our Approach

Design Excellence

We recognize that an innovative design approach lies at the core of every project, one that seamlessly combines functionality, technical expertise, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness. By focusing on these key aspects, we ensure high-quality results that exceed expectations.

Listening and Collaboration

We believe that valuable insights are gained through active listening rather than constant talking. Some clients express their needs directly, while others explore different paths that may lead to their desired outcome. We foster open and honest communication among our team of A+E professionals, encouraging constructive discussions and embracing diverse perspectives. Through this collaborative process, we discover better, well-informed solutions.

Understanding Client’s Program Requirements

We adopt a proactive and collaborative approach when working with our clients, particularly in the early project phases. By actively engaging with our clients and employing an interdisciplinary team approach, we strive to thoroughly understand their program requirements. This allows us to address concerns early on and develop ideal solutions that optimize constructability and inspire innovation.